What are the major guidelines for Tutors?

What are the major guidelines for Tutors?

In order to offer a serious, safe and high-level educational platform, Easylore has developed some rules that the tutor must follow. In case of non-compliance with these rules, depending on the severity, the tutor's profile can be temporarily hidden or even blocked.

  • When creating a Profile through the Easylore Platform, the Tutor must provide complete and accurate information about the Tutor’s expertise, location, calendar availability, and provide any other pertinent information requested by Easylore. The Tutor is responsible for always keeping the Tutor’s Listing Information up to date.

  • The Tutor is solely responsible for setting a price for the offered lesson/s. Once a Learner requests a booking, the Tutor cannot request that the Learner pays a higher price.

  • When the Tutor accepts a booking by a Student, the Tutor is entering into a legally binding agreement with the Learner and is required to provide the Tutor’s services to the Learner as described in the Tutor’s Listing when the booking request is made.

  • The Tutor cannot get payment outside the platform related to Easylore Students.    

  • The Tutor cannot share any kind of contact information such as full name, nickname on social media, phone number, skype, email, etc. all the communication between Tutor and Student must be kept within the platform through the messaging tools.

  • The Tutor cannot share any contact information not even in the profile description or in the video presentation.

  • The tutor cannot cancel or not show up the lesson without notifying the student and rescheduling the lesson.  This behaviour would affect the seriousness of the Tutor which is reported by the student through reviews and rates. In case of multiple reports, the Tutor profile can be hidden. We highly recommend rescheduling instead of cancel the lesson.link to Reschedule or Cancel a lesson 

  • Tutors cannot share links to others Tutoring platforms.

  • Tutor cannot violate the normal rules of conduct, including fraud or sexual harassment.

  • Tutors cannot use the platform for personal purposes such as posting recruitment announcements and advertisements, not even using the easylore messaging tools.

  • Tutor cannot register two or more profiles.