Is it free to be listed on Easylore?

Is it free to be listed on Easylore?

Listing of tutor’s profile on Easylore platform is free of charge; a 20% commission is applied to each lesson provided and to each lesson that has been not cancelled or rescheduled on time by the Learner; please refer to Terms & Conditions & to Cancellation Policy

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    • What do I need to do to get listed on the Easylore platform?

      Any qualified person can apply to be listed as a Tutor on the Easylore Platform. He/she will have to follow all the steps provided from the platform and upload any document or information that may be requested by Easylore as part of the application ...
    • What about Easylore's harassment policy?

      The action you can take if you receive inappropriate messages or suspicious messages: We work carefully to prevent our Tutors from receiving inappropriate messages. Behaviour that violates social norms and rules, such as sexual harassment and ...
    • What's not allowed on

      Do not respect the booked lessons. Should an unforeseen event arise; the Tutor must promptly notify the Student and reschedule the lesson.  We discourage the cancellation of lessons and encourage communication between the Tutor and the Student.  If a ...
    • How to use the Easylore Calendar?

      Easylore calendar allows you to check your bookings, manage your unavailability, connect it to your google calendar, reschedule or cancel lessons. Students are able to see your updated calendar on your profile page. 
    • How do I get a student on Easylore?

      With the tutors’ profile published on the Easylore platform, the students can search in terms of subjects, price, availability, the ratings & reviews from the students to determine your position in the tutor’s list. The student can book directly on ...