How can I cancel/reschedule the lesson?

How can I cancel/reschedule the lesson?

Through email notification and also from your bookings on the profile page.

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    • Is it possible to make the first lesson free for the student?

      Easylore doesn't provide this option because the platform calculates the commission on every lesson taken.
    • How long should the first lesson with a student last?

      Each Tutor can freely decide the duration of each class, taking into account that the calendar works in blocks of 1 hour.
    • How can I give feedback/review about the tutor?

      After completing the lesson, Easylore sends a request to rate the lesson via email. The Tutor’s rank may be one of the main factors that determine his/her success on the platform.
    • When can the students leave a review?

      Easylore will send an email to the Student after the second lesson has been taken, with the request to review the service of the Tutor. The Student can provide feedback anytime after he/she receives the email.
    • How Easylore works?

      Learners can navigate the platform and find the most suitable tutors based on their needs; Criteria to select Tutors includes,  qualifications, skills, experience, rankings, price and availability, type of class.   Learners can book a first trial ...